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Anyone Fitted Hid's?


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I bought the kit from ebay, iv used the same kit before on my old Sierra Cosworth and it was simple enough, hardest part is actually fitting the bulbs into the reflectors. The Manta ones should be a little trickier.

I want all my lights to illuminate, iv got a double relay unit that i may piggy back i.e when the main beam is switched on it activates the relay for the other lights and same for the full beam.

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Please just make sure theyre adjusted properly, Theres loads of people up here with them fitted and you get blinded when by the bloody things! all well and good for the person with then but pretty crap for everyone else.

Agree with ya on this one ,

So many cars running round with these fitted ,

Does my nut in . .

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I fitted some 6000's to my headlights for a short while until i noticed i was lighting up the 2nd floor of the flats from 10 yards away !

a lot of light leakage and definitely too bright to use .

I put them into the full beams instead, however they take 20 seconds to get fully bright the first time , once hot they're good . but leave you in the dark for a bit ..... plan ahead :blink:

that's a £35 kit off e bay, very easy to fit . , ill bet the more expensive kits get bright much faster .

as far as i know .....

the normal headlight unit bulb has shielded light and is directed back to the reflector then out to give the beam pattern ,HIDs are not shielded and send the light everywhere as well as giving a beam pattern .

to legally have them as dip headlights you must also have fitted a headlight washer mechanism and an auto leveling device .

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