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Hatch Manta Project Completed


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well, this project, was a wee 6month winter project last year, from nov to april, a few nites a week.

it did run a 1.8 for a while, now sports a redtop, after mot failed 1.8 carb, it is driven every day,

Thats why it was built, was running coupes before that. They are just too good for a everyday car.

Not that a hatch isnt, you can worry abit less about bouncing it off a snow drift, black ice etc etc, and general day to day morons! a hatch gets broke, you either hit it with a big hammer or just start again.

some pics! this is an everyday car, no garage queen. Ive three coupes for that!




Spec is good, if worst comes to the worst, just bolt off and bolt onto another hatch!

Redtop, low mileage, good non abused shell, good tight wee car, lowered and hard, bilstein shocks, poly bushed, full fluid change, full front and back axle refurb.

Wish list: Lsd or maybe not a wise idea for everyday use!

Verdict: Quick wee car, shocks more modern machinery, feels alot lighter than a coupe, and drives and handles differently. especially on ice. alot better that a 2.0 CIH, even when it was a 1.8 OHC, alot quicker.

Redtop is slightly heavier, but livelier that a 1.8

Future: Maybe rebuild that 1.8, all new bits, as it was pretty quick. All original bits have been stored. Wheels interior. engine. etc.

oh, pic before modifying, only took me a year to be bothered to post this up!


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Thanks lads, for all the great comments,

woooo, thats alot a great comments, just goes to show you, throwing bucket loads of cash, and 400 kits at a car, isnt what its cracked up to be.

I had the car build ever before I bought it!, well the plan exactly what it was needed for, and how it would look, etc, etc

This is the second 'cheapest' car I've built, the first was a 1.6 manta b, that was a steal! built for pennies!, this also got alot of attention.

(lesson: think what you want, whats it for, budget, deadline, my lesson ive learnt, simplest is best)

most expensive bits on the hatch where the wheels, and rubber. and redtop. (all these bought for price of a good 400kit)

I do everything except, paint, as paint is expensive, i can spray, but dont!

I do welding, all mechanical, body prep, right down to putting the paint in the gun!

Wheels are BBS replicas 15inch x 8 (£85 per rim), (retro car magazine advert) and were cheaper than banding the original steels! ( approx £150 per rim!!)

they are cheap. but look champion, Phoned the company and told them the car, model etc, I requested for offset to be equal front & back

And they dont rub! anywhere. and it is seriously low, low enough to scrap the snow!

Thanks lads, for all the great comments,

and after all, an anorak, could covert it back to standard/original 1.8, in a day, if need be.

More photos soon! (off engine bay) you see one conversion, you've seen them all!!

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