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Genuine Jubilee Stainless Steel Hose Clips Box Of 10


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As the title states I have a few boxes of Genuine "jubilee stainless" steel hose clips (size 3) printed on the box is 2"- 2 3/4" 55-70

ALL are brand new and unused and will cost you about £2.00 each to buy separate, im asking £10 delivered and £3.65 of that will be the delivery cost being recorded delivery (as I have been "roasted" in the past) nothing will be added for p+p and these will be wrapped and taped securely payment by paypal / postal order / or cash if paying by paypal either send as a gift or add 4% that they will rob off of me in fees for accepting the money

The picture shows a full box of 10 and 2 loose ones to let you see what they look like, only a box of 10 will be supplied.


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