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i have avo adjustables with 30mm lowering springs in my manta,the ride is fairly hard even with shocks set on soft.i contacted avo and they told me the front springs are 175lb/in and rears are 150lb/in.i see most people are running 400lb/in or so on the front of there mantas/asconas im not really up on spring rates so just looking for peoples opinions on what suspension they have in there mantas/asconas so i can get the right spring combination for my own car

thanks in advance

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175lb is way too soft for the front unless they are very long springs running a lot of preload, and even then, although they will prop the car up, they will be too soft under driving conditions.

As a very rough ball park figure, between 300 and 400lb fronts and 160 to 200lb rears, and probably at the heavier end of that range at the front and the lighter end that the rear.

The next recommendation will sound like a bit of an advert, but you don't have to get them from us, there are a few stockists who can supply them, but I would chuck the avos and fit Bilsteins all round. They are not adjustable but they just work, perfectly, straight out of the box. I'm at home so I don't have the damper rates to hand as there are several different options on the bilsteins. I have been fooled by the offerings of several different adjustable shock manufacturers in the distant past, and ended up learning the hard way and buying Bilsteins!!

As with everything we sell, its because we have used them, and in most cases wouldn't use anything else.

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