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Starter Motor + Wire Heating On Starting

Dave Stampy

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Make sure you have a good earth connection from engine block to chassis . If not then you will have a higher resistance circuit which will result in more current pull.

Failing that it could be the starter is under too much load or it's on it's way out!


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What Kev said (mostly). What goes out of the battery on one lead has to be equal to what comes in on the other. Poor connections on earth leads will make them heat up around the connections. As wire getting hot it's drawing too much current. If any of the other leads were poor they would be hot too. Exception is voltage drop is proportional to length and as earth leads are shorter you are less prone to see it. Plus if the earth leads were the high reisstance bottleneck they would choke the flow of current and heat up and the live probably not get hot.

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