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1982 Berlinetta Coupe 10,000 Miles!

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That's right Paul, Andy (Cavtastic) bought it from Neil.

Either the car is not as original as the ad says, or it's not as nice as when I picked the car up from Neil's on behalf of Andy it had a few little scrapes and knocks on it (typical elderly driver stuff, not bad but the car wasn't mint).

The guy who bought it from Andy who claimed to be a collector said it was going straight to the bodyshop to be sorted. Whether he did this before it appeared shortly after on his forecourt for sale at £7000 I don't know, but when I e-mailed him about the car he reckoned it had never had any paint. That was a dealer in Bristol, I'm guessing the guy selling it now is the one who bought it off him.

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If my memory is correct i saw this car at Cleevewood motors Bristol back in 2008, it was advertised at £7495 & had some parking scrapes down the side.

This dealer sells classic cars at over inflated prices & a lot of his stock seems to hang around for a long time.

When i saw this Manta he was not willing to budge on the price.

I suspect that who ever bought it had the body repairs done at Cleevewood garage Bristol before shipping it off to Ireland.

So the history of this car is.......( & correct me if i'm wrong)

Neil Burkes bought it of an elderly gentleman who had put some parking scrapes down one side

Neil Burkes sold it to Andy (cavtastic)

Andy sold it for £3000 to a guy who turned out to be a dealer in Bristol

Dealer in Bristol sold it for £7500 (& probably did body repairs) to a guy in Ireland.

Dealer in Ireland puts it up for sale in December 2012 for £8495 ono stating that no repairs or paintwork have ever been carried out to the car??????????

Just put it on Fleabay at a £1 start & a reserve, then it will find it's true value ;)

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Nice car but the reason I sold it:

Busy polishing it one night in the garage and noticed a pin prick of corrosion around the sunroof! only a pin prick?? but if it's come through in one very small section you can be sure it will be not far off coming through in other areas. It had to go!!

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