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Heater Blower Fan Not Working


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The grey and yellow go through the resistor. I can't remember if they are switched earth or switched live now but I can tell you the following:

1) The switch is often the issue they melt inside. Easily tested with switch removed and two male spade terminals on 2" on wire.

2) The pins in the connector on the heater box corrode and over heat. Visual inspection and / or voltmeter (in fact ohm meter) test.

3) The bearings collapse and the fan floats and jams (end float). Can sometimes be freed by hand but usually happens again.

4) The resitors get hot if they are drawing too much current and the glow can be seen through the vents in the dark

5) The fans die, been years since I ran out of good fans so I came up with an OEM looking fix that is better than the original http://www.atcy66.dsl.pipex.com/misc/fan/'>http://www.atcy66.dsl.pipex.com/misc/fan/

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The grey and yellow wires go through the switch to earth, so check that end of the wiring. Or just connect an earth to one of the wires by the plug to test.

Its possible its a bad connection in the plug, try wiggling the plug with the fan switched on and see if you get anything. If you do the pins in plug can be opened slightly in the loom of closed a little in the fan plug to improve the connection.

But most likely is if you take the fan out and try turning it by hand It might not turn at all, they do seize up if the car has been sat in a damp atmosphere for a long time.

Even if it turns it should do so freely and not be tight or notchy

They can be un-seized and free'd off sometimes with oil and manually rotating them but often are not very good afterwards.

If the fan turns try connecting wire from a battery to the back of the motor (power to black and an earth to either yellow or grey) to check the motor. If it works you have a wiring/plug issue if it doesn't its a fan motor/resisitor issue.

Either way the best soluton is to replace the motor with a more modern one like Mantadoc says.

I use the later VW polo 6n (1994-1999 models) fans and resistors as they are easy to source and very reliable. The resisitors give 4 speeds in the polo but i connect them to speeds 2 and 4 for the manta conversions.

Must remember to take some pictures next time i make a batch and do a how to guide.

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Mmmm, mine screams like a bitch.. if anyone has a good replacement I would be interested, they are easy to change.

That'll be worn bushes on the shaft, a bit of wd40 or GT85 quietens it for a while but it'll come back again.

PM sent re replacement ;)

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