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A Series Spotted In Rayleigh

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Primrose Yellow A series london bound on a127 at rayleigh weir essex. about 6.30 this eve. ive seen this before but im always on opposite side of the road . if you are around be nice to have a closer look. not many of us manta people left round here .

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alright dave ,i wondered if you would pop up when seeing this,hope all good mate.

yes it was a rare sight,like i said i have seen it before but always on opposite side of road. i would love to know more and the ironic thing was i was with barry in his newly acquired manta gt ,i had been having a play with it as it had been running a bit shit so was taking it for a test run up the a127 when i saw the a series.

glad barry got another manta again tho ,i dont feel so alone now lol

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Hi Paul, good to hear Barry's got another Manta. Really pleased for him. Will have to catch up with you both soon mate. I'm still about, just hard up and this cold weather is keeping the car in the garage!

Mines currently SORN'd anyway, but I'm hoping it won't stay off the road too long now. Just finding the cash to MOT and Tax it is the problem!

Will have to find out who that A belongs to and have a good look at it. Will keep my eyes peeled.


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