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Manta Cih Weber Twin Choke (Downdraught) Carb


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From my 'box of bits' with Manta parts, I found that I have a Weber downdraught carb that I used to use on one of my Cav Coupe / Opel Manta B 1.9 CIH motors.

Cannot recall the spec or details right now. Engine may have had a fast road cam in it.

I am guessing it is a 28/36 DCD carburettor but have not checked for numbers on it, or measured the choke sizes.

The carb itself could do with a clean, as it has been in various garage boxes for a fair few years now, though I think it will be fine in any case. DCD service kits seem to be available for less than twenty quid if needed. The air filter baseplate is no use now, as the foam filter has gone.

See http://www.flickr.com/photos/rutthenut/8565300895 and http://www.flickr.com/photos/rutthenut/8566394304 for some quick snaps I took in the garage earler.



If a Manta owner would like this carb, then make me an offer (somewhere over twenty quid would be good).

I could take cash payment if someone is able to collect daytime from Theale, Berkshire, or else PayPal for the amount plus whatever it is likely to cost me to box and post this.

If no interest on the Manta forum in the next week or so, I will most likely give the carb a quick clean, find the exact specs and put it on fleabay. Would rather it went to someone from here, for a fair price, rather than go the auction route for whatever I can get.

If you think I am expecting too much for this carb, do say so and I may think again.

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