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Manta A 1900Sr Project In Pictures


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Hi Here are a few pics of my manta project so far!

Thought i would put up some pics to show all the people ive been hasseling for parts where the parts are going! This is a very lucky Manta to be alive. I think any Sane person would have scrapped it but hey I like a challenge! so far it has been completely stripped. and had a new front valence, new inner fronts wings( also have new outer front wings to put on it) box section chassis rails from above the subframe mounts to the x section. new sills that have been fabricated to allow for box section to be run inside them to add strength. I have just finished the rear suspension mounts and have new rear arches, valence and rear quarters to fit. So far i have used about 7kg of mig wire! I have stripped the front axle and made polybushes for it using stainless rod and polyurethane bar and a lathe! I have bought it some volvo 4 pots and currently trying to decide which discs i should use for them. I also have a nice c20xe and getrag box waiting for the day when the neverending welding is complete!







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That is some serious rust you had there. Got to hand it to you, that is one project i would not have even thought about taking on. Nice to see another Manta A getting back to being on the road. Keep the pictures coming.


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