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Slow Starting When Warm


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i have a 77 manta b 1.9 s, it starts straight away when cold or if i switch off and on again quickly no problem either. seems to be when its hot and left rest for maybe 15 / 30 minutes, it turns for a longer time before starting, everything is in good order and it runs fine. any advice appreciated. Thanks.

Its got a zenith carburretor with automatic choke, is it possible to convert this carburretor to manual choke ?.

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what kind of choke to they have ?

my old varajet2 had an electric (bimetallic spring) automatic choke . It played up like that also for hot starts ... went over to manual and never looked back .

it could be that it needs a little choke in those instances to help pull more fuel in initially and the auto bit isn't allowing it .

might be worth having a look at choke position when your getting the trouble ,

Ive heard of people pulling the choke out after every journey to stop evaporation, dont know if that works / i guess you cant if its auto choke .

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