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Low Cost Electronic Ignition Kits - Opinions?


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Things are slowly moving on with my '78 Cav Coupe.

Replaced Rad with the modified Carlton item (worked a treat), thermostat, coolant flush and oil change were carried out last weekend. The car ran well after the work, but I went out to move it yesterday and it had difficulty starting, then was misfiring upon anything more than light accel. Starting with the simple / inexpensive, Ill be ordering new plugs/leads as I havent changed 'em yet, plus a new air filter, then moving on to fuel system if I get no joy unearthing the prob.


Whilst looking for plugs & leads online I came across these electronic ignition kits - accuspark and the like. Seems like a very straightforward mod. Has anyone tried this stuff? Worth a pop? I must admit I dont have much experience working with points etc, so this seems a fairly attractive option.

Opinions please!!

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I had an accuspark kit fitted in a Delco D300 dizzy for a vauxhaull slant engine. Easy enough to fit and run. They offer coils for both ballast and 12V ignition. Can't say it ran better than with the points, but it was more reliable as no point ware etc, and no condensor to break down.

Lumination systems are much better, but you pay a fair old premium for them. For the money, I'd give accuspark or powerspark a go.

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Personally i would fit the later bosch set up, dead easy to wire and i have never had any problems with them. Someone on here will have the setup lying around somewhere. Otherwise ring H & H ignition solutions, they can fit an electronic ignition setup to any distributor, with the coil and everyting else you need. No prices on the websitre so you would have to ring them.



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ive not heard of accuspark before so cant really comment on that .

the video on their site made it look quite good and at £30 it seems to be the answer if you dont want points .

no maintenance and might be a bit more efficient and less hassle in the long run .

i think lumenition was the one to go for .

probably a bit more advanced than you wanted but another option could be a Nodiz unit .


uses a ford coil pack ,crank sensor and trigger wheel . mappable , Bluetooth ...all that new fangled computery stuff .

an interesting read if nothing else .

its likely that replacing the points and condenser and the ht leads ,cap rotor and plugs will fix your issues ...even if it doesn't at least you will eliminate them and go on to look at the coil and wiring .... fueling ect , not really the way to go about it as sometimes chucking money at it wont find that bad earth /corroded terminal ,have a close look at everything before you pay out . it could easily be a bad connection at the coil wires .

or has the gap closed up on the points ? when its open it should be approx 0.7 mm or the width of a fag packet cardboard .

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Thanks for your input guys - much apprciated. Yeah I guess its a very good idea to check wiring/earths etc - I must admit Ive been that concerned with the list of 'must do' jobs, Ive not really done much common sense 'giving it a check' type stuff so far! The accuspark solution seems like a good move then...particularly given how inexpensive it is, and plugs n leads will be a nice treat for the old girl anyway haha.

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