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Manta Exclusive Interior Parts

paul a

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Hi looking for alot of bits as one of the previous owners must have lost them when it was stripped out !

Car is a 1988 coupe GTE Exclusive

2x Front door cards inc grey surrounds (chicargo grey)

2x Footwell trims (that cover ecu etc)

1x Cassette holder

1x Gear stick top and gaitor

1x Sunroof handle surround trim

2x Seat belt trims (where seat belt exits rear panals)

1x passanger side seat belt extension (the bit that pushes it forward)

2x Side repeters(indicaters)

1x Stereo adaptor ext piece

2x Grab handles for rear

4xHeadlights for exclusive model

If anybody can help will be very greaful

Thanks Paul

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hi paul i have front door cards cassette piece for consol grab handels/seat belt extention footwell trims gearstick gaitor which is slightly split let me know if you still require them??

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Hi mate

Yeah still looking for parts you have

I know it's a big ask but would you consider posting as I am at West Yorkshire ?

Are the door cards in good condition no speaker holes ?

How much do you want for the lot ?

Regards Paul

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