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Sheffield Pub Meet Will Be On April 4Th.


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It's our pub meet on Thursday evening. We meet from around 7.30 onwards at the Toby Carvery pub at the top end of Dronfield. If anyone's coming over that has a decent brake servo for a Manta could they bring it with them as my Ascona's one has died. Bloody unreliable German Junk's only lasted 32 years. It's probably my own fault as I put one of those Fuel system cleaners in the tank that I wouldn't usually use, but got from work (for free) so I thought why not? Two days later and the car started misfiring. All four of my inlet manifold's rubbers had perished and split. Then a week after changing these, I was flying up to this roundabout and jumped on the brakes to hear a loud whoosh and feel my brake pedal go rock hard. I had a right job getting it to slow down enough to make it round. I limped it back home and then found that not only had the servo pipe's one way valve failed, but the servo had too. I think this Fuel treatment stuff has knackered all the rubber in the servo, valve and my inlet manifold. Maybe not, but it seems like a bit of a coincidence to me. Anyway, If anyone's got a decent servo they could lay their hands on, it would help me out. I've just blanked the pipework off at the Manifold for now so I can still drive it. Cheers ... Luke.

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