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Testing Manta Fuel Pump

Robert Boardman

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Has anyone tested a fuel pump by just puting pump inlet pipe into a tub of water.

Reason i ask is my fuel pump went faulty but after spray some wd40 into it i could hear it running again, but still no output of fuel.

So i tested it by putting the inlet into some water but even though i can hear the motor running it still doesn't spray water out of the outlet. Does it need tank presure to startup?

I tried filling the inlet and outlet pipe full of water but still no output.

cheers Rob

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The standard injection pump has a fan impellor on the spindle and the fuel washes over the workings and cools it. I would not run them with water.

If the pump is actually spinning sounds like the fan impellor is loose on the spindle or jammed and slipping.

Now arranty of any kind implied or given and no liability accepted.

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I bet it wasn't april though. lol

That pump is the same. Managed to get mine open and repair the plastic bit that drives the pump.

Am sure mines working now.

Hasn't anyone tried a pump on the bench in some liquid and a voltage supply?

Or is their anyone who has a pump that could try this test. Or even anyone know if you short the fuses out to get pump running in car with the fuel line disconnected where it come through the wing, does fuel squirt out constantly.

cheers so far

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