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Injection Return To Fuel Tank


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In the process of fitting an injected c20xe into my carb'd manta, the injection tank I have is fubar. What ways are there I can modify what I already have? Getting another tank might be hard. Putting a return hole into my existing tank seams more work than I want to undertake.... (drilling, tapping etc) I need to have the job done right. Ive been told some people feed the large breather pipe on the filler neck with the return pipe.... doesnt quite wash... What should I do?!

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just converted a 1.8 manta to redtop last year! still running original tank and wiring loom.

So, the tank, put your petrol pump (standard GTE or Redtop setup setup, in the boot, (keep it dry & warm!)

(I've fitted mine behind interior panel right and side, yes, the space in the quarter panel. rubber mounted, coplete with filter, and pressure control.

Your return feed works by T'ing into rubber over flow pipe. from the filler neck to the top of your tank.

you will need a selection of different petrol hose, standard zinc petrol pipe, ( Expensive.)

and a PTE plastic T's and reducers. (I wish i took photos!_

Didnt use swirl pot, never had any problems, it ran with a completely empty tank. only 5 litres of petrol added.

Just flow the petrol lines up your car, like a GTE, (this was the hardest job, but do-able!!)

Your wiring, its easier to wire a 2.0 GTE to redtop loom. you can use a 1.8 loom, ive done it.

Just a live feed wire to your pump is needed. earth the pump, fuse the live feed.

Hope this helps, these cars can be converted as standard 1.8 stuff, on a low budget. no problem...............

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use a swirl pot in boot feed return to that.

You can but it's not best practice as it leads to the same fuel being recirculated and picking up heat from the engine bay, plus the swirl pot should be able to overflow into the tank so you should have a return for that as the HVLP lift pump needs to be able to overfill the swirl pot and outsrip the HP pump

If it's going to be a serious car a swirl pot is always a good idea stop it sucking air and holing a piston

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It's just a standard c20xe, no modifications that I know of internally. I've looked at swirl pots on the bay and yes they too need a return to the fuel tank. I might end up drilling a hole in the sender unit, I just don't want it to leak!

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