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You will find a great deal of help and advice here from the club members, if you want to access even more information then I would strongly suggest you consider club membership with its added benefits!

Like many I have been on here for a few years now and regard it as total value for money.

Have patience my friend and welcome to the world of all things Manta.

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Just joined am looking help with a few issues on my 83 GTE

What do you want, divine intervention, more info is needed, :angry:

Wel your are a friendly bunch in mantaclub arent yous , this thread has been up a week & not one reply only myself , very welcoming , no wonder there are not too many online

It's like joining a breakdown company after your car has broken-down. Be patient and give more details, it's all take and no give. Why not give an introduction about yourself and car rather than "Hi, help me NOW". :blink:

Now my rant is out of the way, what help do you need?

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Well there you go there is nothing like a bit of controversy to get things started , i think i have all my issues (manta related anyway lol) under control now was looking a set of injectors & an exhaust for my 83 GTE but have got them sorted now through members of this site :)

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