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Competition Logbook Expiry?


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They don't need renewing normally

But at that age i think it will need replacing with a new one as the old ones don't have room for all the current info.

Obviously because it met the regs back then doesn't mean its still eligable now as the rules have changed a lot since then

Best bet would be to have a word with your local MSA scrutineer, they should be able to give you the most up to date info.

If you need help finding your local scrutineer let me know where you are and i can check the list in the Blue Book for you.

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It was last rallied in 2000 so it needs extinguishers / belts / mudflaps / fuel sample valve and window film on the rear window to bring upto current regs

The reason I asked is its more for the 2008 rule on the seats having to be in date. If it didn't need renewed then it would save me a small fortune on replacing them.

Cheers Craig

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The seat rule has a get out clause for older logbooks cars.

Basically if it was logbooked before 2009 you can use out of date seats till the end of this year.

But the msa have been petitioned and are considering an extension for clubman level events.

I think they still need to be FIA seats just not in date.

Also check about the fuel sample valve, I think that's only on National level events.

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Certainly unaware of any requirement to renew the CCLB with the MSA.

Are you the same owner in all that time?

If not, you need to send it back to the MSA Tech Dept with new owner details. They would add a continuation sheet if now required.

(My Manta CCLB is having new owner name and address applied right now)

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I've only had the car a couple of weeks so I need to send the cclb back to the msa same as you.

I've checked with my local scrutineer and all the info above is correct and the dry coupling fuel sample valve needs to be fitted to all rally cars running fuel injection but not if there running carbs. Should be starting on the car in a month or so once the £££ recovers!!

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MSA were really quick at returning my log book - just an address change in their records and on the cclb itself, after all.

Dry-break fuel sampling kit is not required for rally cars that were log-booked before 2009 (p146 and p309 of MSA blue book) unless you are competing in an MSA 'Titled Championship' of some sort.

Don't take my word for it though, check the Blue Book, ask your scrutineer and call MSA Technical Department to verify anything you aren't sure of!

You have already mentioned 4mm mud flaps, window film, in-date harnesses, FIA seats (ok to end of year) and extinguishers. Will also need the usual tow hooks/eyes, OK/SOS board and warning triangle, plus now a small oil spill kit as well. Oh, and you need to use a tarpaulin in any service area.

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