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Fuel Tank Pipe Connections Info Needed

Robert Boardman

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Brought a manta hatch 20 injection 1986 which had fuel problems i now got it running but due to all the pipes being removed from tank i can't figure out what all the outlets are for.

Theirs to small outlets on the top of the hump section which are rusted. They are joined together with a T section the centre of the t section is connected to the top of the filler neck.

Can i block these outlets on the tank as they seem to be doing nothing?

Theirs another small outlet on the hump, where does this go?

On the top of the flat section on tank theirs another small connection, where does this go?

And on the rear is another small outlet near the corner just below the seam. Where does this go?

On the neck is another small connection, is this the breather pipe connection that is clipped around the edge of the tank and assume just ends at the rear.

Has anyone got a drawing where all the pipes go?

Sorry about all the questions.


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Have a look in the "your project" section at my thread "87 hatch 16v" there is a picture of my tank on page 2 which might help. All those pipes are breathers for the tank so I wouldn't entertain closing them up! Hope this helps.

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