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Speed Problems!


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Right here goes hovis has developed a new problem!!!!

while driving last night i was giving it some and all was going well and then while at high speed it just decided to slow right right down and i had to drop quite considerably to maintain a good range of speed, i stopped at the nearest lay by to inspect what was wrong and i couldn't find anything........ at all! engine revs just fine and clutch engages all the gears perfectly with good pull! so i drove off and at slow speeds say sub 50mph all is fine but as soon as i go past that it almost feel like i'm applying the handbrake. so i left it overnight in the drive and this morning i came to around a 100-200ml of oil from where the engine meets the gearbox arond the bell housing (not form the engine) and well i had a good look at it and i'm just stumped.

could it be the

  • clutch
  • gearbox
  • or some sort of thrust bearing

im just wondering if this has all come from my clutch problems??

whats next?...... new clutch, bearings, GEARBOX!!??

i'm in a bit of a pickle!

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if its black oil (unless you have done a recent engine oil change)then it will be engine oil.most likely leaking from the crank rear seal.this is a gearbox out,clutch,flywheel off job.it could also be from the back curved edge of the sump where it goes around the bearing cap.sump gasket can be changed with engine and box in but will need lifting up off mounts to gain room.

if its gearbox oil.(usually green but not sure about the colour of the correct stuff gm reccomend for the 5 speed boxes)has a distinctive smell thou!.it will most likely be getting into the clutch via a failed input shaftseal.this could be coating the entire clutch plate and making it sticky or slip.again a gearbox out job.only done these myself on the 4 speed boxes not sure whats involved on a 5 speed.

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