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May's Sheffield Area Pub Meet Will Be On The 2Nd


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Hello all,

Just a quick reminder about our evening pub meet at Dronfield on the outskirts of Sheffield this Thursday. Hopefully we'll start to see more of our old cars now the weather's warmed up. Paul's got his Kadett C back on the road and I think Nick's A series Manta will be out soon for the shows this summer.

We've booked three places on PPC magazine's track day at Mallory Park for me, Darren and Rob on May 18th and we've all got bits and pieces to do to the cars before this.

I've had problems with Master cylinders and servos last month and have had to adapt a Kadett C Servo and Cylinder on for now, until my overhauled on comes back. I've also fitted some solid rubber engine mounts to the Ascona and they're doing their best to shake the car apart. Rob's had these on his Manta A for a while now and he doesn't seem to have the rattles and squeaks that my car now has. Oh well... hopefully they'll soften up after a day at Mallory.

Darren's finally decided on Zetec power for his Kadett C, after picking up a suitable Sierra CVH sump on Sunday. He's already got an engine, a spare set of Carbs another Ford ignition module and loom and just needs to make another exhaust manifold up like the one on his Starlet. He'll have a decent CIH up for sale soon with a Kent cam, Vernier pulley and about £1000 worth of rebuild reciepts, once he pulls it back out of the Kadett.

See you Thursday evening? ...Luke

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