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New Project, 400 Rep

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Small up date, all bolts zink coated and suspension all shot blasted..

Got the axle back last week. It was away getting the lsd fitted. Got it painted last night and fitted today. Still to sort the brake pipes and stuff

My first car show today with the manta..   Project images are available to Club Members Only, Click to become an OMOC Member.

wheels all ok in the end?

Sorry about all the hassle!

We will stop direct shipping now I think and have them all via us so we can check them first!

The colour issue is being addressed, but I think a lot of wheels are affected..........!

Yes they are good, worth the wait..

Thanks .........

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They look like good parts. Who makes them? They look very close to original

Got them from a member on here called TJM. The chassis legs were a great fit, but the swan necks weren't. I had to cut the swan necks and fit them in sections to make them fit right..

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Coming along nice William, loving the thread.

What size tyres have you managed to fit on the back? I have some Falken tyres 225/50/15, which just about stretched on because the side walls are solid.

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