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Idle Rpm To High


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My idle rpm to high

my engine is 1,9e with 2,2 head and injection

when i start the car it first goes to 2000 then down to normal 1200
then as it warms up it goes up to 3000-3300

i had the intake loose to install a new exuast manifold
there was a loose yellow connector that connects to the fuel injection something in the water inlet
when it was loose it would idle rough
i put a some electrical grease on the connectors
and tightened it down with some tie wraps


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Check the braided pipe from the brake servo to see if it's tight where it bolts up to the inlet manifold. Then spray brake or carb cleaner around all the injectors, the full length of the servo pipe and finally around the gasket between the manifold and head. If the revs speed up, you've found your leak. ...Luke.

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