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A Must See For All (Reunited) Cars Etc.

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I don't know how I came across this, but did, surely this needs to be saved by the club, over 500 manta photos,#

they belong to a Mark morris < hope this is right, hope he doesn't mind!

Surely the omoc should save these and make the easier to view, (with permission from owner)

If you cant find ur car in this lot, it didn't exist, :)


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Im with you on that.

Found mine on there (back in the days when it was running :-) no section for A series but just put the reg in and found it.

Would be nice to have a gallery page on the forum.


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Ive a feeling this tread is gonna grow! glad to see some reunited, I even seen my wee hatch.

The club surely needs to move on this, im sure there could be something added to the site.

maybe better format used, and search by plate, saved by plate what a cracker of an idea, this guy had his head screwed on!

great to see it of some help to other, glad I shared it now! :D

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Not all of the pictures are tagged by Reg, so you might have to pic a selection (MANTA B etc..) from the top menu and just look through the images to see what you can find.

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neither of my dads old ones are there. A770WTL & D252EVN were the reg's

and I also looked of one I nearly bought in about 2000/2001. OJL45Y it was a gold 1.8 berlinetta & couldn't find that either. my uncle also had a silver 1.8 GT hatch on a C plate but i can't remember the reg for it, only that it ended with MFW

i did find one my mate had about 6 years ago though, D960HUM

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Lots of pics and link still working which is surprising for photobucket. Found it hard going and a bit slow loading pictures.

Shame these can't be brought onto the site somehow as was previously mentioned, for better access before they disappear.


http://s725.photobucket.com/user/MarkMorris_29/library/MANTA B/MANTA B CC/MANTA C/MANTA C CC?sort=3&page=1

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