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Xe Cuts Out - Looses Power To Ecu


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XE COIL PACK WIRING LOOM - engine fro 93-94 Calibra..

Anyone got one of these lying around, must be in good condition.

Ive coil pack xe fitted to manta, but there is a intermittent fault. cuts out, dead, cuts power to ecu.

Ive a code light fitted, just code 12 (code reading begins)

Have checked all earths, changed coil, AFM, crank sensor, cleaned ICV, fuel inj. relay. Ecu.

When car cuts out, power is immediately lost to ecu ( and will not start) code light will not light! relay is dead.

Car can idle for half an hour, fine, then cuts out. nothing!

It will even cut out whilst driving ( but it is intermittent) drove it very close to home! last night, fine.

for two hours, (Boring!) tried to start it tonight, nothing!

any advise welcome! loom looks fine, but all it takes on one break inside that insulation! somewhere!

better get this one fixed, as it is my everyday car!

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next time it goes dead check the live feed from ignition to loom, maybe a ignition switch fault. or just wire a perm feed from battery to test..

if the ecu is loosing power its got to be that or relay??

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Mick, gonna try that tomorrow night. live feed from battery, but should this go to fuel inj relay, or ignition

tested relay its getting 12v with ignition on, (need to test this if (when it dies) but it wont click and code light wont light.)

It seems if I disconnect the 12+ from battery, there is more of a chance it starting!

I can't say now much I freekin hate wiring!

Thanks Mick,


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the black live on the xe loom that goes to ur black ignition live that goes the ignition switch, should be near the bulkhead.

am just thinking ur ignition switch mite be shot, its not unusual for them to burnout.

and its the switch feed to turn the ecu on..

worth eliminating..

if it was any of the sensers i dont think it would cut power to ecu. it would just run shit.

hope u sort it mate. keep us posted

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Yep Mick looks like you got it, black switch feed wire to black wire on xe loom, bad connection, how it was sourced

left it connected, stripped small piece of insulation off, run a feed to it from battery, didn't stall, cut both sides of connector ( one of those that you heat to make a connection)

wires were not connecting properly, my fault entirely, I wired it! I'm never gonna make an electrician, but it did last a whole year.

so simple, and completely over looked, (how im kicking myself why did I not post this two weeks ago!

Well at least I got the ICV cleaned, ecu was always inside, and relay now has joined it inside drivers foot well. (keeping it dry)

along fuse box mounted flash code illumination switch. And I got to try all those swop over bits!!

well what can I say, Thanks again Mick, im gonna tidy up a few wee things, and get that wire connected properly, and hopefully another manta back on the road at the weekend.

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