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Giving Up My I240R Restoration Project Nw. Advice Wanted

i240 Dan

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I'm looking for advice from members regarding the sale of my project. I would like some honest opinions regarding whether there is anyone currently out there who any one knows to be looking for a project, whether I should sell as a project or as separate parts and also what sort of money would be reasonable to ask for the project in its current state.

It is important to me that the car goes to a good home and it is far to good to be scrapped.

Last evening I reluctantly decided to call time on my restoration project which was slowly progressing and ground to a halt two years ago. I have lost my passion for the car and it is time to let her go to someone who will get her back on the road.

I have spent thousands of pounds on the car to get it to its current position and have spent thousands on parts for the car.

The car is currently a non sunroof bare shell with the i240 RallyTech (Trevor Lewis) kit rear arches professionally fitted.

The shell was bare metal blasted, all rust removed and has been etch and resin primed followed by undersealing. The shell and fully i240 body kit has been professionally painted in Polar White.

I need to sit down a put together a list of the parts which I have for the car as I have virtually everything needed to return the car to the road with a 16v engine in. Here is what I can remember off the top of my head.

Parts include:

i240 Body Kit (rear arches fitted)

400 front headlights

Fibreglass 4 slot front panel

Manta 400 narrow sided three piece rear spoiler (rare)

Carbon fibre and original rear light infil panels

New - Heated front screen

Original GTE interior (2 sets of door cards)

irmscher steering wheel with Blitz horn push

New alloy footwell kick panels (Clive)

2.0 16v Redtop engine with Coscast head.

New upper and lower engine gasket sets

New stainless rocker cover bolt set

New Clutch plate and cover

Carbon fibre timing belt cover

irmscher power cap

RWD exhaust manifold

1.8 and 2.0 gearboxes

2 pairs of 1.8 alloy engine mounts and one pair rubber mounts

1.8 alloy winged sump and pickup pipe

New 1.8 Dipstick

Polo heater box

New front subframe

New upper wishbones

Original lower wishbones

New orignial Opel upper subframe to chassis mounting bushes

2.0 GTE rear axle

Complete set of Superflex poly bushes front and rear

Front disks for 16v caliper conversion.

New alloy front hubs

New steering rack and tie rod ends

Set of Revolution RFX wheels and Bridgestone tyres. Perfect fit for i240 Kit (7J front and 9J) and imo suit the Manta better than the more vintage looking five spoke design commonly fitted.

The only parts I know to have gone missing are the suspension bolts, which had been bagged to take to be replaced, one one of the door window mechanisms and the original front screen.




Before I took her to pieces.


Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Dan.

After going as far with the car as you have done, I would take a wee visit to Billing this year first before I would decide on giving this project up, it might just be the injection in the arm that you need to get back on track to finish the manta off. At the end of the day you have done all the hard part just time to bolt all back together and have yourself one dam fine manta that you will be hard pushed to find if wanting another someday.

cheers rab.

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Thanks for the encouragement Rab but I've decided to resign from Manta ownership. It was a huge part of my early twenties but nearly ten years on I think I've well and truly lost the bug. I considered keeping the car until one day I might feel like finishing her but it has become more of a burden than a pleasure seeing her in the garage and I think I would rather she go to someone that can appreciate and enjoy her.


Bilstein shocks

40mm lowering springs

1.8 manta coolant pipe set

New 16v Astra front pads

New brake disk shields

New gearbox mount

New doortop trims and seals

New pedal rubbers

New O/S B pillar vent

Will need a new head liner as roof skin changed to non sunroof.

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Hi Simon,

I still have the car but it is provisionally sold to Ems. If it falls through I'll be back in touch.


I posted here, rather than the for sale section, asking for some help regarding what the car would be worth as the value of the shell and its original parts is a bit of an unknown quantity as I'm not able to fully guarantee that every nut and bolt is there and that the car will go back together without needing any further work.

I'm selling the project for the minimum amount I know I would get for the parts if I sold them individually. I know that I would get a lot more for the car if I sold everything individually but I'd rather sell as a project with a low enough price that the buyer can use the cash they might have given to build the car up to the show standard that I was intending to when I started the rebuild.

It is not really about making money for me now as I'll never get back the thousands of pounds I have spent. I just want the car to a good home and be re-built in some form.

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My project has now gone to Ems. I've had fun being a Manta owner and maybe one day I'll be back. Thanks to all the members who have helped and shown an interest in my car over the years. Special thanks to Trevor Lewis, Martin Warner, Ian Goacher, Kevin Abbott, Pat, Rutts, Danny, Clive and all the North West and Cheshire members.

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