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Orient Green 1.8 Gt Hatchback


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My friend, Ian-N on here, had one just like this one, that succumed to terminal rot, this one really needs saving as there aren't many left in this colour now.

it is interesting that Manta's a few years ago that where only worth breaking are now being saved because there are so few left, how many of you out there are trying to save a Manta that is lot worse than ones you have scrapped in the past....

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well went to pay for the car tonight,the chassis legs looked in good condition, a few holes in battery tray,bonnet, inner wings ,inside fuel cap and the tailgate was rusty and had a pond in the boot ....did not have a real good look as i got pissed wet and filthy grovelling about on the drive.

its not been started since 2003 so fingers crossed the engine is not seized

fetched part of it home


very retro :rolleyes:

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If there is a pond in the boot it means there is no welding to do there .......always think positive lol

there are mushrooms growing in the footwells, just hope that means he had dirty shoes

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Very good find and good luck with it. hopefully another saved. ive also got one of those manta rear panels hanging up in the garage tho i doubt it will ever find its way on to a car again though lol.

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