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74 A Series, Rover V8 To 16V Project


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This is the first in a very occasional set of updates seeing as I don't get half as much time in the garage as I'd like. (Don't we all) Progress could best be described as . . minimal.

You may remember this one from eBay a while back.....




Well, seeing as the car was in Devon I kind of had to take a punt without seeing it. I had already missed out on one last year so I took the risk.

So far, I've not found a huge amount of tinworm. I'd already figured that the front lower valance would need completely replacing so that's no surprise. A quick stabbing session with a screw driver has shown up weakness behind one front wing, under the rear seat and, surprisingly, behind the instrument panel!? Someone has done an awful lot of work in the past though as everything else seems solid and has been treated underneath with anti-stone-chip stuff before being over painted.

Now, I may be going about this in the wrong order but . . . first thing was to get some decent wheels and tyres as all the tyres were rotten and would not hold air for more than about an hour. I need to be able to move her in and out of the garage so.....another eBay auction later...


...followed by some work by my friendly powder coater . . and she's looking better already..... (to my eyes at least)


I've also got hold of a rear screen for a lot less than I feared. . . but I've had to sell a kidney for a set of window rubbers! Crikey are they expensive or what!

On the mechanical side I decided my prioritites were to see if the V8 would fire up and to get some form of brakes working.

The brake master cylinder was seized solid and there was also a completely disassembled remote servo behind the front valance. As a temporary measure I've bypassed the servo and put in a new .625 master cylinder. This will not be the final setupI hasten to add!

After cleaning the plugs, adding a low pressure leccy fuel pump and priming the twin SUs the venerable old V8 fired up pretty much first time! It was at that point I realised that the car had exhaust manifolds but no exhaust. Blimey was it loud! Brought the neighbours out for a look....luckily they are a friendly bunch! I'd need an exhaust eventually anyway so a cheap one for a B Coupe and some extra tubing to weld up a Y piece was bought. It works but I think I still need more practice with the MIG as it's not pretty!

Next problem was that the auto box seemed to be leaking transmission oil. Luckily that was just a blocked breather pipe.

So, I now have a Manta that goes, kind of stops and I have a plan of work . . a lot of work! The brakes, suspension, steering and interior all need a complete overhaul. The V8 and auto box are not my ideal setup but at least I now know they work. Will hope to get something for them. . . and then find a nice 16v engine and Omega box to go in instead!

The colour will have to change too. I've already have several people walking past telling their children that it's '...the car from The Dukes of Hazzard' ...

Seeing as it's more work than I intended, she may have to wait until my other project is back on the road. . . . but I am notorious for getting distracted so you never know . . more updates might happen.... :)


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Mine has more of a UV damaged matt look going on. :lol: I did attempt a bit of flatting with 2000 grit and then polishing but it didn't look so great. Original colour looks like powder blue and it's showing through in places.

I'm probably going for white and black or silver and black GT/E look eventually Andy. I was after the white and black one that came up for sale last year ... but by the time I got my act together it had gone.

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Well, summer has come and gone so I thought it would be good to update the thread with news on progress.

To be honest there's not much. I started out with a fairly tatty orange A series and now I have a pile of bits which my better half refers to as 'the rusty orange monstrosity in the garage'. This is perhaps not a good start!

The shell is an odd mix of areas that look as though they were really well restored recently and other bits that make it look like it's been sat at the bottom of a saltwater lagoon for 15 years. (Under the rear seat is a bit shocking tbh.)

So, the old V8 slugger and auto box is out (and will soon be re-born in a trike I understand) and after some soul searching and questioning whether I would ever have the time to do this project justice I've decided to pack the shell off to Retropower for some metalwork surgery. I know this sounds like admitting defeat but I'm aching to get on with the mechanicals which is more my skill level.

Will post another update once the media blasting verdict comes my way....!

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