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Commodore B Gs/e Saloon


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Well well, my old man's spy in the westcountry found another gem a couple of weeks ago. He got talking to a mate of his in the pub who happened to mention he had an old Commodore sat in his garage that had belonged to his father. It was driven into this garage in 1991 and hadn't moved since, it had been there so long his wife had never seen any more than the rear bumper sticking out!

So of course, we had to go up there for a look, with our trailer on the back just in case...










Turns out it's a 4 door GS/E, which is pretty rare as I believe most of the GS/E models were coupes, and most of those are already long gone. The plan is to cover it up for now and treat it as a long term project. It's all there, just needs some work to the sills, doors, boot floor/rear valance and a lot of recommissioning!

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this is a great find, Commodore's were never very common when new, there were even less GS/E's, and a four door? this could be a unique survivour in righthand drive form.

Is the colour scheme original,? i'm guessing not but then in the seventies......

interestingly it appears to have the Bosch D jetronic injection, like my friend Simon Down's Commy A GS/E (stoneymanta on here). if it has it will have an ECU full of transistors and not a chip in sight, you'll know if it is because when you find the ECU under the glovebox the transistor one's are the size of a laptop !

bet the Porscher guys would love to get thier hands on that reg !

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Yep, it's the D Jetronic system. Got no experience whatsoever with them so I'm hoping it all kinda works! The gold's original, the brown around the bottom was brushed on by a previous owner to hide the fact that the front doors are held together with duck tape :)

Didn't even think about the reg number, but I scrapped a redtop Manta coupe a couple of years back with D911 on it. No way it was gonna get an MOT to swap the plate off though!

turbo16n - lovely looking car mate.

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Yep, it's the D Jetronic system. Got no experience whatsoever with them so I'm hoping it all kinda works!

If remember correcrtly my friend Simon had to re-touch a couple of joints on the circuit board with a soldering iron but otherwise it functioned correctly, though it's old technology there isn't that much that can go wrong with it except bad connections which you can test with a lamp and battery.

get in touch with Simon Downs, he'll give you all the ins and outs of D jetronic, pm stoneymanta on here.

I sort of guessed the dark brown brown lower bodywork was a variation on black underseal ! though it actually kind of suits it, a bit of contrast from the gold ( biege brown ! ) without being over the top.

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Good to see another Commodore rescued!

I've got a Commodore B coupe myself, and also rescued a LHD sedan from a breakers here in NZ! Work in progress, but if you decide to sell, I could be interested ;)










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