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Where To Buy Part's For Xe Head ?


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I need to buy new valves , guides , head bolts, hydraulic lifters & a few other bits for my Vauxhall c20xe head..

can anyone recommend where is the best place to buy .. have been onto SBD & TRECHII LTD .. Massive difference in prices..

Who do you guy's recommend for quality & value ..?

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trechii are fine for standard parts, for the other bits, the nearer to source you get, the cheaper they get! if its standard stuff and you need valves, its cheaper just to get a complete used head. I've certainly got piles of used valves you can have!

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the quote's I got were roughly £700 ish from SBD ... £520 ish from QED ... £195 ish from TRECHII ..

After receiving the quote from trechii , I sent 2 emails & rang several times ( 8 times actually ) trying to organise an over night courier rather than the post ,

but got no replies ,so gave up on them ..

I rang my local motor factors who I have dealt with for years & they came back with a price of €460 for valves , guides, hydraulic lifters , collets & head gasket

& they had them ready for me to collect the next day ... so ran with the motor factors..

the valves are made by F A I ... Don't really know much about them but have been told they are perfectly good quality for a standard road engine ..

And of course the bolts that gave me the problem in the first place in the idler pulleys which were 10.9 quality have now been upgraded to 12.4 quality.. they cost €1 each..

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Thats cool, sometimes pays to go with motor factors- they sell to the trade every day and if they sell shite they'll be getting it returned lol. BTW FAI have been doing valves and gaskets for years and are not bad quality. Good luck with the rebuild :)


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