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Ignition Lamp / Alternator Charging / Dash Panel Connector Woes


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Probably asking a stupid question, but I seem to recall that the ignition warning lamp is used to trigger the alternator into generating a charge. Is that correct?

Reason for asking, as you may guess, is that (a) the warning lamp isn't working, and (B) the battery has gone flat.

I will be taking the instrument panel off again, as I suspect the circular connector has come loose. How on earth are you supposed to get that connector to stay in? The split plastic peg seems to stop the plug from going in to begin with.

I should add that on this car, the voltmeter and warning lamps are the only parts that (should) do anything. It has separate speedo, tacho, temp and oil pressure gauge. All part of having a Rover V8 transplant from a previous owner.

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the split plastic peg goes is the locator, perhaps you have not lined it in correctly

Cheers. I could tell where it is supposed to plug in, but it has splayed open and didn't want to go into the hole :-(

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