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Centaur On Ebay

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yes i too thought it has to much cavvy-ness about it . also thought all the centaurs were cavaliers.

does look kind of different with four slot nose and chrome bumpers.

all the same be nice to see it saved

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Happy to stand corrected as I'm no Centaur expert, but I definitely saw at least one which was badged as a Manta. Had all the right Manta bits too, number plate between the tail lights and a Manta bumper to match. This one's got the number plate light in the top of the rear bumper just the same. I remember thinking at the time it was a bit odd as I thought they were all Cavs, not so convinced now!

Then again, age seems to be no issue here as far as trim goes. If they're the original Cav door cards then they're completely wrong for an '81 as the wooden strips were deleted in '79? Cavalier would've had a gold dash bottom by '81 but this one has a black bottom like Mantas of the same year. I'd imagine Magraw would do the same conversion if you brought them a Manta. It's even got a Manta steering wheel.

Any way you look at it, rare car that needs saving.

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It was one of the first ever British cars to be given a full type approval by GM, and of the quantity produced, only 20-25% of these became Mantas. Based on the SR (or in the case of the Cavalier, the GLS), the conversion was only ever carried out on new coupes


I did have an email conversation with the seller about two months ago, I had asked him to provide images and information so that I could add an advert on his behalf.

Here's a page we have about the car:


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Thinking about it, just 'cos it was first registered in 1980 doesn't mean it was a 1980 built car. I could be that it's an earlier car that took a while to sell, hence the earlier door cards as well. As Spiney points out it is a correct Manta back bumper, and the write up Stoo points to mentions it having a front end prang and having a new nosecone fitted. It's registered with DVLA as an Opel.

I'd love to be able to buy it, but I'd be putting a 2.0CIH back in.

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