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Red Top Conversion 16V


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Hi I am after some links or info please photos etc of the above.i have the above engine with a metal sump, not the big wing 1.my cross member has been cut away for a previous conversion [ cossie engine].The engine has a dizzy on it, Theres been conversions with the dizzy heater issues will it clear the heater box?. the other question is the loom , I take it as it appears to be to short to bring back into the washer bottle area ?,or do you mount the e.c.u in the engine bay. Wiring up power to battery ,theres a round connector part off, which has red and black for the starter . black lead ? I thinks part of ignition.. green revs, blue fuel pump .Also there appears to be a spring missing from the engine belt tensioner,the belt is the half round type?.

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