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Gm Parts From Sweden Available 1St And 2Nd June Only


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I have a visitor coming over from Sweden this weekend, he will be coming to see me on Sunday afternoon to collect some parts and has offered to bring over parts he wants to sell.

I don't want to acquire extra stock for myself, but if anyone was local they could pop round and do a trade on the spot, here is his list:

Gasket kit engine overhaul Vauxhall small engine . NOS

Spark plugs : AC Delco NOS Opel 1,7 CIH engines

Brembo brake discs Omega A / Carlton rear NOS

Airfilters Ac Delco Ascona / Rekord Diesel

Steering locks with keys

Poly bushings front axle Kadett C / Ascona / Manta B / Cavalier mk1 brand new
Waterpump gasket rubber Repro part . CIH engines
Valve cover gasket rubber Repro part CIH engines
Door seal / weather strip Kadett C Coupe left used, good condition

Grill Ascona A used good condition
Headlight bezels / surroundings WITH wash nozzels. used. Ascona A good condition

clutch facings NOS

Vauxhall badge front NOS cavalier mk 1 (I think)

Grill Opel Astra H Brand new original part

Turn indicator light left front NOS GM part Ascona C / Cav. mk 2 white

Brake discs front , Vectra / Calibra Turbo and V6 Race edition new

Radiator fan electric nos original GM. Vectra / Astra

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Can someone please get Julian a saucer of cream please :) Due to forum policy regarding members/non-members I couldn't see any of your replies for a week. By then Dejan had been and was long gone. I don't come on here often to check things, but do PM me, as I am notified by email when these are sent.

I am based in London see http://www.markkinnon.com/p/faqs.html and it would seem that Dejan comes over fairly frequently, I will pass on the questions.

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