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Wheel Nuts (And Sockets)


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Having some difficulty with my nuts ...

Using either a 22mm socket, or a cross-type wheel brace, I find that the socket doesn't quite fit into the recess in the GT/E alloy wheels. Some nuts are easy enough but others near impossible to tighten properly.

What's the solution?

Smaller nuts, longer nuts, or slimmer socket?

Don't have a standard Manra toolkit for comparison.

Thoughts, suggestions?

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Never had a problem myself, but 22mm doesn't sound right. Thought they were 19mm nuts?

Ah, so my nuts are too big? ;-)

Will do a search but anyone know off-hand what the stud diameter/thread is on the Manta?

Edited to Add:

Opel GT forum describes those older items as M12 x 1.5 and M12 x 1.25 - not sure which is right.

Found an eBay listing for some alloy nuts to fit the Manta, which are M12 x 1.5, so is that the correct size?

Those happen to be 17mm nuts, in alloy, fwiw.

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I agree with spiney the head of the bolt is 19mm, not sure of thread pitch, but wouldn't fancy alloy wheels either way.

Alloy wheels, or alloy wheel nuts?

I don't want lightweight alloy nuts - prefer simple steel ones (don't even car for chrome) and better still if open rather than closed.

This is on a rally car, so robust fittings more of a preference to shiny or lightweight parts...

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Thanks for confirmation - will just order some new wheel nuts, M12 x 1.5mm, with 19mm head, so expect normal wheelbrace/socket to fit without contact with alloy wheel centres. Do not like the idea of my nuts coming off if not tightened properly!

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Thanks. Further confirmation of the right parts.

I tend to use Demon Thieves or JJC for various bits, though have used Rally Design before.

Ordered mine from DT as I needed some other motorsport parts from them. Also get 10% discount there :-)

Cheers all

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