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June's Dronfield Meet Will Be On The 6Th...


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Our Sheffield area evening pub meet will be this Thursday. We'll be at the Toby carvey at the top end of Dronfield from around 7.30pm onwards.

Since our last meet, we had a day out at Practical performance magazine's track day at Mallory park. Rob, Darren, Paul and myself took three cars around Mallory and had a really good day flying around. None of us had seen the track before or knew what to expect. The track suited our cars really well and nothing broke. Rob and his A.series 16V Manta were the stars of the day and he showed some really fast stuff how to go on in his 40 year old Opel! There were a couple of Citroen 2CV6 race cars that nobody could catch, A rwd Transversly mounted Cosworth powered Cinquecento, A N/A Cosworth powered Reliant Kitten, A Bike engined Seicento, A super charged Zetec'd Morris minor and a Turbo'd 205 GTI that was having a good battle with Rob's A. The day was split up into 15 minute sessions which were just enough in my opinion. We're definatly going again next year and are thinking about another day later this year ( probably at mallory again ). A bloke came up to me in the Paddock and said that it was good to see my Ascona being used properly, instead of being parked up at a show. Darren's RWD Starlet drew loads of attention too and had several people looking underneath it and trying to work out what running gear it had. All three cars looked good at the end of the day with our wheels blackened with brake dust and scuffs across our bodywork from flying chunks of rubber off peoples tyres. All our modifications like Poly bushes, quick racks, Bilsteins and big brakes came together on track and the cars all felt happy being thrown around. This Track day also highlighted how good the Manta 1800's baffled sumps are and none of use had problems with oil surge at all.

See you Thursday... Luke.

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