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Opel Manta 1.8 Turbo Hatch On Ebay

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studying the photo as far as i can make out it is a standard 1.8 carb engine with a tuirbo added, the carb appears to be encased in a 'pressure box' like the Broadspeed A series turbo.

This would work if it's a low pressure set-up but then the power increase would only be modest, potentionally the same power could achived with 16 valve etc

It is possible to make an 8 valve turbo that really works, went to the Performance Vauxhall Show at Santa pod, OK there were loads of Astra's and Corsa's on 17's with 5 inch tail pipes but amonst

them was a MK 3 Astra 8 Valve with a proper 'home brew' turbo conversion, low compression pistons, intercooler, bespoke management etc, result... 300 BHP !!!


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