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Manta B Repair Panels


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I picked up my manta at the weekend and have had a chance today to look over it, its not too bad except the usual places, battery tray, rear of front inner wings and front of rear inner wings. Its not the end of the world but it has changed my mind from 'get on road and use it' to weld up properly and full respray which is kinda nice as its what I would prefer (but the bank wouldn't!).

Anyway, anyone know of decent repair panels that are still available? I have googled but every lead goes to companies that are no longer about so I thought it would just be quicker to ask!


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I've just got some panels from TJM. Very good service and very helpful.

Hello to all,

I am now a distributor of Klokkerholm Bodypanels and will be placing monthly stock orders. If you require any bodypanels (www.klokkerholm.com) for any make and model they list I am more than willing to get a quote and order in for you.

You can list your requirements here, pm me or email me.



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I think both Retro Power and TJM have a contact for Klokkerholm Bodypanels and will be able to help with some panels but I don't think they can get floor sections.

Is there no UK suppliers? I am not a fan of international stuff as if I have any issues its an absolute pain in the arse

I have used both Opel Tune Leidinger Opel Tuning Leidinger and http://www.ps-autoteile.de P S Autoteile meny times and would recomment them, they both speak english and give very good service. If you order more than one panal they only charge one postage fee,

It is unlikely that you will find all the panel you need with just 1 supplier and you will need to shop around.

Hope this helps.


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Yep both TJM and ourselves supply Klockerholm panels in the UK. klockerholm are the ONLY major supplier of repair sections in europe. There are a number of other suppliers that do one or two sections, floor panels being one in particular, as above we buy them from leidinger in germany when we need them.

Klockerholm supply jacking points, sills, rear arch repairs, inner wing top rail repair sections, front valance, rear valance, centre front upper panel, doorskin repairs, few other bits too, if you need any of those, get in touch with us or TJM, we both hold an amount of stock, but we both work around the fact that we have to order in a reasonable bulk to offset shipping costs from Denmark, and to not mess Klockerholm about too much as they are a very big company and its very fortunate that they supply anything at all for such a low volume market!

interestingly they can also access production of manta and ascona front wings, but there is a lot of complication to this one, with the result that nobody will front the money to get a run made (its a lot of money, believe me we thought about it!)

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