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1978 Manta Sr Berlinetta


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Hi Guys

Some of you will know from the cars for sale thread that i decided on impulse last week to purchase this Manta that was for sale locally to me.

Originally a Guernsey registered car she was imported back to the UK in February this year & found her way to a dealer in Gloucester.

She is a 1978 Manta 1.9 SR Berlinetta first registered in May 1978 so once i get her re-registered with the DVLA she will be on an age related "S" plate.

She has done 39,700 miles from new & is in genuine time warp condition.

I've spent the last two days cleaning her & carrying out a service (plugs,oil & filters)

I jacked her up yesterday & washed off half of the island of Guernsey which was caked around the arches & in all the usual Manta rust trap cavities.

I did a T Cut to the paint & then polished it & although the paint is not perfect it has come up very well with just the usual touched in stone chips you would expect on an old car.

Carb was caked in years of crud so i've cleaned it externally, however unusually for a Varijet it is functioning well so i am going to leave well alone.

took the battery off & amazingly there were no holes underneath.

Interior is immaculate.

I took her for a quick (illegal but she is MOT'd & insured)) spin round the block & she appears to drive faultlessly.

The period electric window conversion (Smiths Servo Glide) works well & the period Radiomoble radio works although the Ariel is weird period inside of the boot device.

I've applied to the DVLA to re-register her so i might get to a few meets later this summer.

Rostyles are being replaced with black & silver ones in better nick.

next job is to fully de-grease the engine block & paint. Then clean of a few places in the front arches where the underseal has flaked off & re-apply new sealant after rustproofing.

Here's a few pics i took today.










All safely tucked up for the night with Mrs B on sentry duty :rolleyes:


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Looks great Dave, glad you're really pleased with the condition of her now you've had a real good look over her. Must be a challenge workint out which one to go for a drive in.

LOL yeah

However there all different to drive with the copper bronze one being a 2 litre with a 5 speed box, the white one a 1.9 auto & the Ascona being the slowest of the lot with a 1.6.

Next year will be different though with fund only permitting one to be taxed each year.

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Finally got the registration plate number allocation from the DVLA after bit of hassle.

Will get the "S" plates made up tomorrow & go for a drive :)

Did a big swap round of cars tonight.

The copper bronze B has now been sorned & put to the back of the garage for a couple of years :mellow:

The Ascona is still taxed until the end of October & the latest acquisition is taxed until Feb 2014.

Took the opportunity to take a few pics on the green outside my house before putting them to bed B)




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Well i've enjoyed driving YAW around for the last six months & after being sat in the garage for the last two months i took her out for a drive last weekend & noticed that the middle box was blowing with holes in about three places.

I saw that the middle pipe & back box both looked like new so i've ordered a new Middle box & to be on the safe side a back box as well.

Price was £67 for both items including delivery.

They were really well packaged here is a pic of what arrived, and here is a link to where i got it from http://www.mister-auto.co.uk/en/


Also i've tidied the engine bay up a bit more since the first pics, Tax runs out the end of January so she be sorned until April.



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