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Opel Ascona 3.0L With Blitz Seats German Ebay

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I like the look of that and its just been through the tuv as well :-) moderately amusing bing translation of the listing :-)

Sell my Ascona B.

It is a former motor racing vehicle with road traffic.

177PS are registered but he has something more about 190hp.

I have the car in my possession now well over 1 year.

Since I own 4 Ascona B but, what I already sold one, decided now to make it even.

Last year I made back the Ascona Tüvfertig, and he drove a season so the stock without defects.

I have installed a brand-new catalyst for the TUV.

The Ascona has emission Euro1.

He has TÜV until may 2014 but no H authorisation as not necessary.

All tags are already registered.

The Ascona goes well forward and drift is no problem with the car is really fun.

I give him only for reasons of rationality and to just stand around him that he would be to shame.

The following is installed:

Engine 3.0L 6 cylinder, C30NE

Transmission GETRAG 265

Wiechers roll cage with flank protection

Yellow Apex springs

Koni yellow shocks

Irmscher Catback Exhaust system

Ventilated brake front of the Ascona B I2000

Macdonald Sportstahfelgen 8Jx15 front and rear 9Jx15.

Fender flares rear (for the front I give to new, if desired)

400 seats

Schroth harnesses

RAID sport steering wheel

Strut brace

Front spoiler

Hood of the Ascona B diesel

The Ascona is located in good condition for the age and the history but there are still a bit of work on the optics.

The previous owner is right rear reingefahen with a different car to the trailer coupling times easily in the side wall must be baggy again, me there had never bothered, is anyway not "show and shine" vehicle.

The exhaust is something leaking at the connection between Central and muffler.

But then, that would be even about what would be noticed in deficiencies.

The Ascona can be enrolled, go and go.

It should be of course clear to everyone that it is a 32-year-old used car and I ask to be aware of this State and cannot be compared with a new car.

Pickup within 7 days of auction end in 66557 Illingen/Saar.

Please email if you have questions!

I can just answer the following questions:

1. Can I buy directly the Ascona? -No because that only a bargain for few euros 95% want to make people who ask such a question.

2. Can a test drive? -Yes, but only with me as a driver (when a red number is brought) because I drive every "Hinz and Kunz" with this car, because this is not for beginners.

3. They can still 30 photos of 50 different places come to? -No since I have even better things to do than to send dozens of photos. Who's really interested come and live looks at the car, which is better than photos.

4. Can they deliver the car? -No, am Yes No forwarding.

5. Can I pay for the car in installments or would they share? -No, I accept only cash in euro. The amount must be paid fully at pick up.

Because this is a private sale I assume no guarantee or warranty.

No returns and no discount.

The sale is due to age as a handyman vehicle as scrap to the exploit or create.

Who does not have the right to visit the car before bidding after no need to whine if something does not fit.

Fun bidders pay at least 30% of the achieved price and will be definitely prosecuted and asked, Not with Dunning and bailiff, I understand no fun.

So only offer if the matching money there is.

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