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2.0E Flywheel Bolts


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right i need flywheel bolts as the ones removed are in no shape to be put back in! i've gone to my local fasteners supplier and were both scratching our heads! tried looking around on the net to no avail so was wondering if anyone could shed some light on my never ending problems!? part numbers or just recommended shops to get them from!? thanks!

as soon as this problems fixed its the thread next and shows through whats left of the summer!

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They are a strange pitch, had the same problem myself. Also one will be a locator bolt so you get the flywheel in the correct location.

Got mine from here;


You will need a bit of google translation :-) he takes pay pal, very quick delivery and all the stuff i have had from him has been good. And he has an amazing Ascona ;-)


hope this helps


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You should find that the "P" bolt will only go into one of the holes the shoulder is a different size to the rest so you cant go too far wrong.

I can scan that section from the opel workshop manual if that will help?


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