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Found This Very Strange


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Yes, its a piece of metal in the rear seat squab area that is bonded in, not welded at all.

I'm not entirely sure of its purpose, other than that is must have been related to crash test results I imagine. My guess, given its location, is that during crash testing, in a rear end shunt it was found that the rear part of the exhaust could be pushed forwards and penetrate the rear seat area, and this was designed to deflect it, or at least present a big surface area to the passenger's bum!

The alternative is that is was to reduce heat input to the rear seat from the centre exhaust box, but I doubt that, as they would have put a heat shield under the car if that was the case

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It is a curiosity but it is one that is on most coupes.

The seat belt mount you can see in your pic (the hole with a captive nut) is actually two things, it is a seatbelt mount and the middle exhaust box hanger, the captive nut is welded into the hanger assembly underneath.

It was discovered that there was two problems, the first was the floor would flex and stress crack with the weight of the exhaust and the second was that heat from the exhaust would come up through the floor at this point, the plate was the solution.

The plate is not welded to the floor, it is bonded tot he floor with thick seam sealer type glue laid on so as to create an air gap, the glue is strong and stops the floor flexing.

I removed one once so I could adapt the exhaust hanger to go on the other side, I needed to heat the plate up to get the glue to soften before I could get at the spot welds that hold the hanger/seatbelt mount to the floor underneath the plate.

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