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Hi dont know if this is the right place to post thisjust had my exclusive stolen littrely half an hour ago reg no is E196CTW. Its bright red coupe cop ml wheels xe on 45webers. gutted haveowned this car for at least 17 years.

Sorry to hear this mate, :angry: hope you get good news soon

Where in the country are you to allow people to be vigilant.

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Hi mate, there's a few of us Manta owners about in Essex, and I work in Brentwood, so will keep an eye out for you. Really sorry to hear this, I know I'd be completely gutted it if was mine, so wish you all the best in finding it mate.

And if they catch the low lifes that nicked it, hope they string them up!

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3 Times ive attempted to write this without been a doom and gloom and hope this isnt the outcome here. I was at the EYTCC meet in Pocklington last sunday talking to a chap who had had his Ford Granada stolen from his drive, he reckoned it had been stripped and used for banger racing. It could be an area to look at.

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The bad news is its on my trade insurance so it is going to be a battle to get anything like what it is worth.

Ah, I can see that being a problem yes. Hope it's not too bad, any advise I can give, I'm happy to help.

If it's not too depressing Paul, feel free to pop along to the Halfway House near the M25/A127 junction on Sunday the 30th at 6pm and say hi mate. They'll hopefully be a few Manta owners and cars there and be nice to meet you.


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Sorry to hear you've had your Manta nicked, trouble is if you found out who it was you'd end up in prison when you gave them an inverted crucifixtion !

I dont think it will be banger racers, Manta's weren't good 'material', put out of action too easily.

The whole car was not what they where probably after, i'd guess it was the XE and in particular the Webers and perhaps the wheels, look for e-bay listings for these items from the same seller in your area. or check out the Corsa's at the local cruise, might see a familiar set-up under the bonnet....

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