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Speedometer Drive Gears For Gte


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Hi all,

My 1986 GTE speedo is only working intermittently. We think it's to do with the small gears that drive the speedo, located inside the (5-speed) gearbox. It could be the driving gear or the driven gear that's causing the fault - ideally I'm looking for one of each, as I don't want to strip the gearbox down just to find out which one is the problem.

Also looking for a set of gearbox gaskets and a rear crankshaft oil seal.

Anyone have any of these available please?



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If you want a new speedo drive i got mine from here.


check the drive color, mine was the red one on my 240 5 speed box

and gearbox seals from here:


and rear crank seal from here:


Just had my 5 speed apart and all cleaned and put all new seals etc.. on it so let me know if there are any other bits you need help with.

ps. also check the speedo cable as sometimes they can be the problem at the box end.

Hope some of this helps


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They do get full of crap and sometimes they can work a bit loose.

Was rebuilding mine so as I have replaced most of the other parts that move on the car thought best to do that as well :-)

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