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Anyone Had The Oil Dipstick Touch The Hot Starter Terminal

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Hi Henrik,

Can't believe no-one has helped you with this simple one! I only found your post last night, I went out and measured the dipstick this morning for you.

I guess from your name that you are an overseas member, sorry but I have measurements in English as I only have an Imperial steel ruler for this job. You can soon convert, by multiplying inches by 25.4 to give millimetres.

I measured all parts of the dipstick to help you make a new one.

Bottom of rubber grommet to bottom end of dipstick - 73/16 inches

Bottom of rubber grommet to "Max" mark - 5 7/16 inches

Bottom of rubber grommet to "Min" mark - 6 7/8 inches

"Max" - "Min" mark - 1 7/16 inches

Part number of dipstick is 9 275 400

I hope that this is useful. Maybe someone with a failed engine could just give you the dipstick from it?


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