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1984 Manta 400R

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The black one used to belong to a mate of mine.

It has some really rare parts on it ( well, had last time I saw it)

Genuine 400 gauges and 400 steering arms and wheels etc.

needed work. Kit isn't the best and had been blended in.

Was a circuit car and had the chassis rails removed for some reason then put back on when returned to the road. Large cage.

Was done in full shell oils colours and looked awesome. If you went to a manta meet in the 90s you will of seen this car.

It still has the 16v manifold and other parts on it I lent and never got back.

If you buy it, can I have my parts back!

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Not a bad looking car in fairness...

Just curious as it has been mentioned above - If going the 5 stud route was there any other advantage other than originality of having the proper 400 hub and 400 steering arm setup compared to buying a set of TJM alloy 5 stud hubs and using a standard Manta GT/E stub axle.

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Having done it on my last rallycar a few years ago the advantages from what I can remember are bigger brakes all round, bigger bottom ball joint, indestructible axle with LSD if you chose the right commodore donor. Everything's just a bit heavier duty. I don't know the spec of this car or how it's been converted but it belongs to Rob (wizbang on this forum)

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