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Removing Steering Column


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Well today it's boiling hot, so I thought I'd have a crack at removing the steering column so the car can go for blasting.

Here's an extract from my haynes.

"Remove the column lower mounting bolt by drilling a hole in its centre (3mm) and unscrew it with a screw extractor"

Where can I get a screw extractor from?

Also, the grab handles on the roof and the sun visor brackets, how do you remove the blanks from them in order to remove their fixings?



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I've tried various screw extractors with no success, the slot and screw driver works sometimes but some are very seized in and won't undo.

The only method i use now requires a welder (but if you're shipping it off for blasting you've probably got one as you'll need it when it comes back ;) )

I keep meaning to take pictures of how i do it as its harder to describe than show.

But basically put a few blobs (at a good power setting so they bite in) on to the centre of the head to build out a sort of tower.

Most of the time thats enough for a pair of mole grips to get old of and undo the bolt, the heat from the welding helps break it free.

If its a very seized/stubborn bolt drop an M8 (or M10) nut over the tower then plug weld the nut to the tower.

A socket can then be used to undo it, if you just snap the tower off the stud you need to turn the power of the welder up and try again.

This method has never failed me and i've removed an awful lot of columns now.

Same goes for the shear bolt that holds the ignition lock onto the upper column.

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What would the reason for Opel fitting a shear bolt in this position anyway?

I understand the reason for the one on the ignition barrel but never understood why one was fitted at the bottom. I've always hated removing them

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another method i have succeeded with is put a center punch mark in the side of the head of the bolt ,then with the punch at an angle drive the head of the bolt round, making more punch marks as you move the head round.

Presumable Opel reasoned that if a thief couldn't get the steering lock assembly off the column then the thief would try and remove the whole column, just how the thief would then drive off can't be explained!

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