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Lowering And Spring Advice Needed.....problems


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hi everyone help needed, im not sure if im being a complete tool... :blink: but heres my problem.. just fitted my new gaz springs and shocks 60mm, only thing is ive fitted them and it doesnt seem a bit lower theres about 30 mm gap still between the wheel and the wing, alloy is a 16" bit hard to see in pic. i wouldve thought it would be much lower. have i got the springs in the right way or even the right springs in theres no markings on them atall and i have the tighter wound coils at the top as you can see.... confused i dropped the car down and it didnt budge at all on the springs im running shortened dampers and they are on full stretch. it should be way lower.. thanks all



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I think the issue is the fact that you do not have the engine in the car. I don't know what engine you are puting in the car but i now the 2.0l cih engine is 200kg. you should find that when you put the engine in, the springs will compress and should be lower than standard.

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