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Nice Ascona A

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Yes it's lovely and the colour! Have you seen this Steve Hancock (Grundy) lols

Steve and I were looking at an Ascona A at billing this weekend, Steve was busy filliing in his lottery ticket and is hopeful he can make an offer "if six numbers match his on the ticket!!"

A £ million would do he as he wandered off chuttering to himself lols

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charlies is a good car,

do not know if the one on ebay is a genuine SR ?

thought the SRs where 2 door ones only with a LSD as standard ?

my old one was and had a LSD from new.

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Got a UK range brochure from I think 1973 that shows the 1900SR as either a 4 door saloon or a 3 door estate (Voyage). The only two door was just called the Ascona 19. If it was the same as the Manta then the LSD was an option.

That one on ebay has the spotlights, sports steering wheel, extra gauges and body pin stripe that were only on the SR, so looks right to me.

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I have a brochure that just shows a 2 door as sr.

must of been available through the range if you have that one showing estate and 4 door.

two 2 door asconas on german sites saying ascona 1.9 sr with same clocks steering wheel and rostyle wheels.

not arguing just a quiry.

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