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Pistons And Props - Sywell Aerodrome 28Th-29Th Sept 2013

Irmscher Man

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Is anyone interested in attending a show at Sywell Aerodrome in Northants on 28th and/or 29th Sept?

Sywell is very close to Billing Aquadrome and is situated in the beautiful rolling Northants countryside. It is also quite a famous venue having appeared on quite a few television shows thanks to the Art Deco appearance of the mess rooms (now a restaurant and cafe) and good collection or vintage planes.

A little more about the show (copied from the website);

Sywell Classic – Pistons & Props is a brand new two-day motoring festival celebrating classic vehicles - both on the ground and in the air. Held at Northamptonshire’s Sywell Aerodrome on the 28th and 29th Sept 2013, Sywell Classic will combine classic cars, motorbikes and planes with all aspects of vintage lifestyle and entertainment.


I was thinking about booking a club stand for this event - for at least one day. It would be good if we could get a minimum of 5 cars together although I will need to find out where the flags and bunting went after Billing!!! God knows what happened to the stuff I brought along....

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Nice one Paul. Did you see the beige A series at billing? The owner lives in Northampton and has owned the car for the last 30 years. He would be interested too, so we could have a nice little gathering. Free entry tickets too!

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i'd be up for this Paul, liking all things aviation (as well cars,railway etc,etc...!) would need to check nearer the time that work doesn't interfear.

this show will make a good end of season event, there used to be a similar type of event at the start of october at Turweston Airfield near Brackely, but about three years ago someone moved in near the end of the runway and ever since has been campaigning to get the airfield closed ! (leason - if you dont like aircraft noise dont buy a house by a runway, the problem the airfield has is apparently this NIMBY is a good friend of several county councilers )

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